RSWE introduces SidexisSyncServices 3 update
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05/02/2014 - Alsbach, Germany.

What’s new in version 3?

SIDEXIS Sync Services 3.0 (SSG) is a major upgrade offering most requested additional features to broaden the possible field of applications. Below the surface many enhancements have been incorporated to make this product even more usable, too.
So let’s start with the main new features.

Gateway filtering
New in version 3.0

Taking new exposures with SIDEXIS XG feeds the Sync Services Gateway inputs with new patient and image data. All these data items will be contributed to the target location whenever SSG is triggered for operation. Until now every target “sees” all new data generated right from the source SIDEXIS XG installation.
Starting with version 3 SSG allows filtering of the generated source data based on SIDEXIS XG patient attributes like dentist name or card index numbers.

New in version 3.0

This allows splitting SSG data streams to separated gateway channels according to the embedded data attributes, e.g. to contribute new data to locations based on the dentists names etc.
Another application is to simply drop unwanted data prior transferring it over a SSG gateway. So the SSG target locations do not see these filtered data items and the gateway network channels do not have to transport already dropped data at all.
The filter configuration can be configured optionally for each SSG gateway just by hitting the new tool button and selection of appropriate filter settings:

New in version 3.0

SIDEXIS XG database content reader*
New in version 3.0

This long awaited new feature allows existing SIDEXIS XG data contribution with ease.
Until now SSG data contribution started with new image data generation, e.g. by taking new exposures with SIDEXIS XG supported modalities. Existing patient and image data has been out of scope and had to be moved to the remote location using tedious data backup/restore procedures. The situation got quite more complicated if the target SIDEXIS installation has been located at a remote location with limited data access capabilities.
Starting with version 3 a new SIDEXIS XG database content reader option allows putting existing patient and 2D image data into already configured gateways for direct data contribution to remote SIDEXIS XG installations. This way the setup and initial operation makes SSG a compelling one stop solution for both ongoing data synchronization and existing SIDEXIS content transport.

The operation is quite simple:

- Select an existing gateway configuration.
- Open the (new) database reader form.
- Setup read options, e.g. if 2D image data should be included.
- Start the read process. This may take some amount of time.
- Run the selected gateway after the database read job has been finished. Now the database data will be contributed to the configured SSG target.

New in version 3.0

In combination with the new gateway filtering capabilities even more applications are possible.
Based on patient attributes like responsible dentist or card index numbers existing SIDEXIS XG patient (and therefore image) data can be contributed in a filtered way, too. This way a split of a single node but multiple dentists SIDEXIS XG office to a multiple location practice network with filtered data subsets can be realized with ease.
The SSG demo version limits the reader capacity to 2 patients.

* Requires a installed SIDEXIS XG version 2.56 or higher. Only 2D image data is supported in the current version.